VESTA is the ancient goddess of home, hearth, and family in ancient Greek where in winter times the hearth-fire was the center of family gatherings. Stemming from this spirit, we created VESTA Hospitality to give families and friends a warm and cozy home where in Egypt all the warmth is coming from our abundant sun. 

We are the first boutique hospitality portal specializing in upscale serviced rentals across Egypt. We offer tailored vacations in the most inspiring destinations in Egypt as well as long term stays in uniquely tailored homes.

Have you had enough from swamped hotel rooms where you try to find a pathway around your luggage to get to the bathroom but still you bump your little toe on the way? Can one hotel room actually serve as your bedroom, living room and work space? Do you get claustrophobic sometimes?  

Staying in our serviced homes is a choice that gives you the luxury of a premium hotel alongside all of the comforts you would like at home.